Fish In The UK

Do you want to catch some fish in the UK? Of course, you do. But just like every professional angler, you should know what type of fish you will catch. This will help you come up with a strategy that will make catching them easier. After all, fish species behave differently from each other. Some feed at certain times somewhere in the surface. This is usually the time you can catch them easily. But the thing is, you have to know these important details about them. Because the more you know about the fishes, the more you will enjoy the thrill of catching them.

Fishes you can catch in the UK

So what are the types of fish in the UK that you can catch? Here are types of fish that anglers like you can choose from.


This is a popular fish that you will find in the UK. What is great about it is that a cod is very tasty. You probably have eaten a dish that has this in it. A local fish and chip shop perhaps? Fish fingers also come into mind. This is actually a favourite in the UK so you might enjoy catching this type of fish. What is even more amazing is the fact that you can catch this fish any time of the year. When catching it during the winter months, you should use squid or lugworms as bait. But if you are luring them during the summer month, opt to lure them over reefs or even wrecks.

Turbot and Brill

These are two types of flatfish that you can catch in the sea. Like a lot of fishes, these can be caught on the drift. It is a bit difficult to catch them – but once you do, it can be quite rewarding. The Turbot can grow up to 30lb – which is very big. The Brill, on the other hand, will only grow up to 10lb.


This is a beautiful fish that has red spots on their back. It is a type of fish that is used in fish and chips too. It can also be served as a fillet or fried with breadcrumbs. You can catch this fish on the drift – even with just a light tackle.

Sea Bass

This is another favourite fish in the UK. The truth is, this was only made popular recently. Like the Cod, this can be caught any time of the year. The peak season for this is from May to October. When using live bait, you can catch them on the drift. The bass tastes really good – that should be a motivation for you to catch a couple during your fishing escapade.


This is actually a challenge for anglers to catch. These will really put up a fight when you try to catch them. The most common approach to catch them is on the drift, particularly over wrecks or reefs. You have to use lures too. Being a member of the cod family, this is tasty to eat and can grow bigger than 20lb.


There is nothing like eating a freshly caught mackerel. These taste better when you grill them right after catching them. The best part is, they are easy to catch. You simply have to lower a string with feathers on it. Add a weight to keep it slightly under water. A fishing rod is not even necessary – if you know where to catch them.

These are only a few of the types of fish in the UK that you can catch. Learn more about them if you want to catch a lot during one of your fishing adventures.