Great Fishing Spots In The UK

Finding fishing spots in the UK is just as important as knowing how to fish. It is not just the place that you need to look into. You have to know the fish species that you will encounter and the rules and regulations that you have to follow to legally fish in the area.

Since fishing is a favourite pastime in the UK, regulations are set in place to ensure that the fish population will be sustained and the industry will not falter. After all, you do not want to have a shortage of a particular fish species just because everyone decided on catching it irresponsibly.

About finding the right fishing spot in the UK

Knowing the best fishing spots in the UK will also help you prepare for your fishing trip. For one, you need to apply for a license to be able to fish legally. Not only that, you have to know the schedule of fishing in that area. As mentioned, there are regulations set in place to ensure that the fish population will not be compromised in any way. That means some places are closed for a specific period – probably to make sure the fish can repopulate and breed in peace.The fish in that particular fishing spot is also an important detail for you to know. The behaviour of the fish will help you catch them easily.

Best fishing spots in the UK

There is a multitude of fishing spots in the UK and you have to know the best ones for you to indulge in the sport. Here are 5 of the best spots to fish in the UK.

Bury Hill Fisheries

This is a 200-year-old estate that has four lakes. Each lake is home to various species of fish. Even if you are a novice, you will find it easy to learn how to fish in this place. The more experienced anglers can also find enough challenge in one of these lakes to help hone their fishing skills.

Windmill Fisheries

This location is near Bristol. It is also a few miles from junction 18. That makes this quite an accessible location. This is a 4-lake complex that will allow you to test and improve your angling skills. You have to buy a ticket to be able to fish. You can opt to buy a ticket to allow you to fish during the day, night or up to 24 hours. With the breathtaking scenes and a small bait shop, this is one of the most ideal fishing spots in the UK.

Kilworth Sticks Fisheries

This fishing spot is located in North Kilworth, Leicestershire. There are 5 lakes within this complex. The place has a relaxing vibe to it and has a couple of nice facilities to make fishing very convenient. Not only that, the tickets can be as low as £1 – which is quite affordable.

Hampton Springs Fishery

This is known to be one of the best fishing spots in Cheshire. It has 8 beautiful lakes with magnificent views of the surroundings. It makes for a great fishing experience – whether you are on your own or with family and friends. Regardless of your skill as an angler, you will definitely enjoy catching fish in this place.

Meadowlands Fishery

The 17 acres of scenery is not the only reason to choose this place for your fishing expedition. It boasts of having large fishes for you to catch. The record is actually a 265 lbs Carp. The online booking is as low as £4 for a day or afternoon schedule.

These are only some of the best fishing spots in the UK. If you are serious about the sport, you may want to try different venues to see which ones will give you the most amazing and rewarding fishing experience.