Top Fish Recipes From UK

If you love eating seafood, you should know a couple of fish recipes so you can prepare them on your own. That way, you do not have to be bothered to go out and pay for a meal in a seafood restaurant.

Of course, cooking fish can be tricky. You need to know what you are doing so you can bring out the taste. But once you have gotten the hang of it, you will find it easier to cook these dishes at home.

The thing about cooking fish is you can do just about anything with it. You can fry it, boil it, bake it, and grill it. You just have to know the right ingredients and spices to add to it so you will enjoy its delectable taste.

When you shop for fish, make sure that it is fresh. In case you need to travel before you can bring it home to cook, it has to be placed in a container where it will not be spoiled. And if you do not know how to clean the fish, have it done in the market. You should avoid cooking and eating it if you cannot clean it properly.

Best fish recipes in the UK

Here are some of the best fish recipes from the UK that you should really learn to prepare for yourself.

Baked piri-piri tilapia with crushed potatoes

This is actually a healthy seafood dish. It is both low in fat and calories. With all the spices and preparations, you will find that it is bursting with a lot of flavours. It will also only take you a short time to complete this – a little over 30 minutes.

Scandi-style salmon with pickled potato salad

Another fish recipe that you can try out involves a salmon fillet that is paired with a creamy potato salad. This baked dish will really bring out the wonderful taste of the salmon. And the potato salad will help fill you up.

Pizza bianca with smoked salmon and spring onions

Who doesn’t love pizza? When you combine it with seafood, you will get one hell of a dish. Since you are adding salmon, you will be preparing this dish without any tomato. You will place horseradish, and spring onion. The combination will be quite heavenly.

Steamed salmon and veggie rice bowl

This is another one of the fish recipes that you can do in 30 minutes. It also features a favourite fish – salmon! What is great about this dish is it has low calories and the rice will fill you up so you do not feel hungry at all.

Cod and chorizo stew

Can you believe that this dish can be prepared in under 30 minutes? This makes it a great meal in the middle of the week. The stew is also quite comforting and the taste of the cod compliments everything perfectly.

Skinny fish and chips

The list of fish recipes will not be complete without the fish and chips. This is one of the most famous dishes in the UK. The fried fish and the potato chips make for a great comfort food. Unlike the usual fish and chips, this recipe opts for shallow frying and baking – instead of the usual deep frying. This makes for a healthier option for this meal.