Top Seafood Restaurants Along The UK Coast

Are you looking for the best seafood restaurants along the UK coast? Lucky for you, there are a couple of options to choose from.

While there are restaurants that offer seafood everywhere in the UK, there is a certain appeal to those that are located along the coast. You get to watch the rolling of the waves and the huge expanse of water as you feast on a meal that came from its very depths. The experience can be calming and fulfilling as well.

Most restaurants opt for a marine theme, making your meal all the more interesting. Although seafood is a common ingredient in a lot of meals, it does require special preparation. Having an experienced chef prepare it for you can bring out the best taste out of it.

Best seafood restaurants along the coast of UK

Without a doubt, you need to visit at least one of the best seafood restaurants in the UK. To help you with that, here are the best ones that are located along the coast of UK.


This restaurant is located in Pembrokeshire. It only opened in 2014 but it has proven itself as one of the best restaurants located on the UK coast. The restaurant is owned and operated by the same people behind The Grove hotel. So if you are impressed by the way they run the hotel, you will probably like what the Coast has to offer. The restaurant has picture windows that give a great view of the open waters. It also uses cedar and pale oak – giving the ambiance a relaxing vibe to it. Here you can enjoy dishes of lobster and various seafood delights.


This restaurant is located in Kent – specifically the Folkestone harbour. It is a favourite among the locals and it is not hard to guess why. The restaurant is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass that gives an unrestricted view of the English Channel. They serve the best cocktails and have various seafood dishes like a raw scallop salad, soused herring, and taramasalata. Dining here will give both your eyes and tongue a great experience.

Mourne Seafood

This restaurant is located near the Dundrum Bay and the Mourne Mountains. It has a great view of a Norman castle and the beautiful waters of the bay. The restaurant itself is quite simple – but it promises a great experience for your palate. You get to feast on Dover sole or sea bass while drinking Kilmegan cider. You can also indulge in mussels, oysters or shelled crabs. Take your pick and let the taste speak for itself.

Inver Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Argyll. The ambiance is simple – with white walls and wooden tables and chairs. They have a fireplace that makes you feel like home. This restaurant is on Loch Fyne and is owned by a chef that came from The Greenhouse, Pam Brunton. The Inver Restaurant offers delightful seafood dishes like mussels, halibut, crab, and even seaweed.

These are only some of the seafood restaurants that you can visit along the coast of UK. You don’t really have to limit your visit to just one. You have the freedom to visit them all and see if they deserve to be called the best among the other restaurants along the coast.